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Xpander Desktop models are an economical way to enhance the Input/Output (I/O) power of any computer with an open PCIe x16 expansion slot. A hardware-only solution, Xpander expands the I/O capability of your computer by adding PCIe slots, power and cooling. Each Xpander Desktop model can add between two - four PCI Express slots to your computer, while using only one slot of the host computer. Add high-powered graphics GPU cards from NVIDIA® for mathematical high-performance computing (HPC) or photorealistic 3D rendering to your existing computer with Xpander.

Xpander Desktop Models

Xpander Desktop Elite provides a maximum bandwidth of 128Gbps (80Gbps for PCIe Gen2 models or host computers with PCIe x16 Gen2 only) and four PCIe Gen 2 x16 (x16 electrical) slots with external x16 connectivity to the host. Xpander Desktop Elite, with its superfast transfer rate, is ideal for use in high-end, 3D rendering or HPC. The cable connectors provide a 250 mating duty cycle. Black Magic Design certifies DaVinci® Resolve to run with Xpander Desktop Elite.

Which Xpander Desktops are best for me?

Use the questions listed here to identify which Xpanders are best suited for your requirements.

I want to connect tower computers to 2 double-wide or 4 single-wide adapters each with the fastest possible transfer rate to/from the adapters and temperature-controlled fan.

Xpander Desktop Series II provides 4 PCIe x16 slots with a single host interface card (HIC) for a PCIe x16 slot and a transfer rate of 80Gbps. Series II provides a temperature-controlled fan that scales from 25 degrees C to 50 degrees C.

I want to connect tower computers to 4 single-wide or 4 double-wide adapters each with the fastest possible transfer rate to/from the adapters. I also want a quiet fan option for single-wide.

Xpander Desktop Elite provides 4 PCIe x16 slots with a HIC for a PCIe x16 slot and a maximum transfer rate of 128Gbps (for Xpander Desktop Elite part numbers featuring PCIe Gen3 x16 HICs and MIBs). Black Magic Design certifies DaVinci Resolve to run with Xpander Desktop Elite. A quiet fan option is available for connection to Apple Mac Pro with lower-powered GPUs. The standard fan is best suited with four dual-slot, GTX, Quadro or Tesla GPUs.

I want to achieve realtime 4K color correction with my Apple Mac Pro (2008-2012) or PC workstation, DaVinci Resolve, and NVIDIA CUDA-based GPUs. What is the best Xpander Desktop model for me?

Xpander Desktop Elite maximizes the performance potential of your current Apple Mac Pro or Microsoft Windows PC workstation by providing four double-width PCIe Gen2 x16 slots (both physical and electrical), an independent 1200W or 1500W (option is dependent upon Cubix part number purchased) power supply, and variable speed temperature controlled exhaust fan while using only 1 PCIe x16 slot in your Mac Pro computer.

For details or answers to specific questions, visit one of the Xpander product model pages or contact Cubix.

Xpander Desktop elite

Add 4 single-slot or dual-slot PCIe cards in you host PC or Mac Pro using Xpander Desktop Elite. Connecting Desktop Elite to your 2008-2012 Apple Mac Pro, Linux or Microsoft® Windows 7 / 8 host computers provide your desktop operators with the ability to support up to four dual-slot GPUs, graphics cards or other third party PCIe cards such as Red Rocket, NVIDIA SDI Capture, and Fusion-io memory cache.

Desktop Elite is an economical way to add GPUs or other PCIe cards to your host computers. Installing the Cubix host interface controller (HIC) in an open PCIe Gen 2 / Gen 3 x16 slot within your host computers assures your operators that they will enjoy up to 128Gbps data (16 lanes at 8Gbps bi-directional) transfer rate to and from the GPUs or other cards you install in Xpander Desktop Elite.

Add four NVIDIA Quadro K4200 / K5200 / M6000, GeForce GTX 980 / TITAN X, Tesla K40, or other PCIe cards to most dual-CPU computers which have an available PCIe expansion slot using Xpander Desktop Elite. Install the HIC in the computer's open PCIe x16 slot and connect it to Desktop Elite - you have just added four dual-slot or four single-slot, CUDA-capable graphics or HPC I/O cards to your current PC or 2008-2012 Mac Pro without buying a new computer.


  • Install blazing fast hardware acceleration components within minutes
  • Four PCIe Gen2 / Gen 3 x16 expansion slots (x16 electrical) in each Xpander Desktop Elite
  • Up to four single-slot or dual-slot graphics cards such as NVIDIA Quadro K4200 / K5200 / M6000, AMD® Radeon™ R9 or AMD FirePro™9100
  • Up to four dual-slot GPU cards such as NVIDIA® Tesla K40
  • Up to four dual-slot consumer graphics gaming cards like GeForce® GTX 980 / TITAN X
  • An independent, 1200W or 1500W power supply to meet any expansion requirement
  • Simple, quick installation with minimal impact per desktop; just install a host adapter and a graphics driver
  • Each x16 cable and connector provide a 250 mating cycle duty cycle


  • Hardware acceleration without purchasing a customized PC workstation or a new Mac Pro (2008+)
  • Works with almost any standard PC featuring PCIe Gen2 / Gen 3 x16 open slot(s)
  • Add multiple graphics or GPU cards to any standard form-factor computer regardless of power supply limitations
  • Add multiple graphics or GPU cards without having to specify, purchase, install and configure new computers
  • No power or cooling needed from the host computer; Xpander Desktop Elite provides its own power and cooling
  • Zero or minimal impact on desktop screen configuration
  • Less impact on desktop space than a customized tower workstation
  • Connect two or more Xpander units to one computer (using two or more PCIe x16 slots available in the host computer)


Don't let your computer's lack of 'watts and slots' hold you back. Add cutting edge hardware accelerator components in minutes with Xpander Desktop Series II or Xpander Desktop Elite for each desktop. It will give desktop workstation users the graphics-acceleration, HPC, or CUDA-capable performance they demand, at a reasonable cost, with little or no interruption to routine or workflow.

Contact Cubix for details, part numbers, prices and purchase information for the Xpander Desktop models. For technical information click on the additional product links featured on this page.