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High-Performance Media Workflows
24GB/s Scale Logic NVMe NAS connected via 100GBE backbone offers extreme high-performance media workflows to 25GBE connected clients, hitting speeds up to 2100MB/sec! _ Scale Logic inc.

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About Scale Logic

Scale Logic inc.(SLI)는 RAID, SAN, NAS, Scale-Out NAS, Storage 서버, 백업, 아카이브 및 재해 복구 솔루션을 포함한 하드웨어 및 소프트웨어 솔루션의 전체 제품군을 설계, 시스템 통합, 설치 및 기술 지원합니다. Scale Logic은 수십 년간의 전문 업계 지식을 활용하여 다양한 기술 지원, 글로벌 리셀러 채널, 글로벌 지원 인프라 및 고객 만족을 최우선으로 보장합니다. 우리팀은 시스템 설치, 교육, 향상된 보증 옵션, 현장 기술지원, 유지 보수 계약 및 교체/재활용 서비스를 포함한 완벽한 장비 시스템 및 서비스를 제공합니다

Scale Logic inc.(SLI) 서비스 분야 비디오 및 영화 제작, 컨텐츠 제작, VFX TV 방송국 / VOD / 스트리밍 / OTT 방송 광고 대행사/예배당 영상 제작 및 보관 소매, 금융, 교육 및 제조사 스포츠, 경기장 및 원격지 라이브 프로덕션 Dell / EMC, Isilon, Avamar, NetApp, Data Domain, HPE 및 HDS / Dot Hill 및 Infortrend Cisco, Juniper, QLogic 및 Brocade 네트워킹


Our product line
Media-centric solutions, support and service for data-intensive workflows.

데이터가 커지고 스토리지 솔루션의 안정성이 이전보다 높아집니다. 당사의 광범위한 하드웨어 및 소프트웨어는 컨텐츠 캡처에서 전달까지 비디오 제작, Broadcast, VFX, 영화 및 포스트 프로덕션 워크 플로우를 위한 스토리지, 아카이빙 및 네트워킹 비즈니스를 유지 관리하고 확장 할 수 있는 옵션을 제공합니다.



Genesis Unlimited - SAN storage appliance for small and medium workgroups Genesis
HyperMDC - HyperFS SAN metadata control and management
Genesis NX - Low cost network storage File server(NAS)
Genesis ZX – ZFS 기반 software-defined 비즈니스 연속성 기능 storage
Genesis IAP - MAM, PAM, Archiving, HyperFS, Scale-Out NAS, data mover 서버
Networking - Brocade, Mellanox, Arista, ATTO high-performance backbone



HyperFS - Scalable file system for Scale-Out NAS, SAN and archiving
HyperLoc - Avid-style bin locking
Genesis Media Browser - Browse files and metadata with ease.




Genesis Unlimited SAN
A TURNKEY High-performance 4K UHD SAN and Scale-out NAS Storage Appliance designed for easy-of-use in Film & video post production, VFX, broadcast, and sports










Enterprise HyerFS File System

HyperFS는 고성능 SAN, NAS 및 데이터 보호 기능을 통합. global namespace 지원. 대부분의 M&E 편집 및 워크 플로우 애플리케이션에서 인증된 enterprise File System.

Scalable performance for M&E

Workflow 확장에 따라 multiple 시스템으로 확장 지원 (성능, 용량 및 아카이브 및 데이터 보호로의 확장, 20GB/s 이상으로 성능 확장 가능)


No per seat client cost

Unlimited HyperFS SAN Client 라이선스 지원(Mac/Wins/Linux 통합 라이선스)

Simple connectivity

Plug-and-play connectivity (8/16/32 Gb/s FC and/or 1/10/40/100 GigE iSCSI 혼합 연결 지원 )


Real-time initiator & zero impact rebuild

관리자가 SAN/iSCSI 클라이언트의 Real-Time 성능 요청에 따라 guaranteed bandwidth 설정 지원, Read 요청시 가장 느린 disk 2개를 Skip, Real-time latency 향상 및 zero impact rebuild RAID.

No MDC or switches

MDC(metadata controller)가 통합된 SAN Appliance, 최초 8명의 Client 까지는 SAN switch 불필요


Options to enhance your workflow

Project asset management, metadata management, backup, replication, archiving, WAN acceleration

Works with most CM&E applications

Avid, DaVinci Resolve, FCP, After Effects, Maya, Scratch, Premiere Pro, Nuke, Autodesk, and many more


Robust NAS architecture

Simple Share built-in, Scale-Out NAS Gateway(SONG) 라이센스 Option for unlimited Clustered NAS.





Enterprise HyperFS File system

HyperFS는 고성능 SAN, NAS 및 데이터 보호 기능을 통합. global namespace 지원. 대부분의 M&E 편집 및 워크 플로우 애플리케이션에서 인증된 enterprise File System.





 Enterprise-class “HyperFS” and “SONG” File System Engine
 High-performance SAN and LAN clients access to same files and folders
 Single Global Namespace across all storage Tiers with “HyperFS”
 As many Simultaneous Writers as you want
 Intelligent fault detection
 Scale-Up capacity size and throughput on-the-fly Genesis UX expansion
 Mac/Linux/Windows cross-platform SAN file sharing
 Low Fragmentation, less chaos – out-performs for media files and zero file system maintenance
 DPX Optimization
 Smarter Data Plan for the future
 Support for data and metadata migration and mirror interface support
 Failure Resilience – move metadata to another MDC box and scale to traditional SAN while data STAYS IN PLACE!
 play 90% of Genesis storage bandwidth & fully plays FC HBA performance
 Quota(Directory & User or Group), Directory Service, native Multipath support and GUI management


Real-Time Initiator (real-time QOS ) :


✔Bandwidth Priority
 Allow Heavily used in Film / Sequence Editing bays real-time QOS to ensure read and write performance

 Non-realtime hosts are suppressed in real-time but “real-time” bays gets all priority




✔Scale-Up Performance & Capacity
 Simply Add new Genesis SAN (GUX) to a “live file system” via the Add Volume menu.
 Grow an existing file system or Create a new file system.
 RAID LUNs can get provisioned in easy to understand volume groups to tailor file system performance.
 Volume Group types can be “Stripe”, “Fill”, or File level stripe called “FLFI”



System and controller features


Compact steel and aluminum alloy enclosure with rack mount kit, dual FRU power supplies and fan assemblies and 12 Gb/s drive backplane, 12 bay (2U), 24 and 36 bay (4U)


3.5 GHz Intel 1600 CPU, 12 bay 64GB (4x16), 24 bay 64GB (2x32) 36 bay 128GB (4x32) RAM

Drive Support

(12, 24, 36 HDD or SSD) 3.5” 960GB or 1.9TB 6Gbit SATA SSDs, or 3.5” 12Gbit 2TB, 4TB, 6TB, 8TB, 10TB, 12TB SAS HDDs in field replaceable canisters, LED Support, hot spare, or cold spare as required

Host cards

1/10/25/40/100 GigE; 8/16/32 GB/s FC

External I/O Ports

12 bay base = 2 expandable to 8; 24 bay base = 4 expandable to 16; 36 bay base = 2 expandable to 8

System cooling

3x8cm hot-swappable cooling fans, redundant cooling



Operational features

RAID protection

RAID 1, RAID 6, RAID 7.3, RAID 10

Spare drives

RAID 6/7.3 configuration has 2/3 parity drives and therefore doesn’t require a hot spare drive, hot spare capable

Background activities

Rebuild; SMART drive monitoring; media health monitoring and repair

Media-enhanced RAID

Physical drive error recovery, zero-impact drive rebuild, bad sector re-mapping, SMART



System Management

Supported OS

Windows, macOS X, Linux

Management tools

Embedded web management support — No host agent is needed using standard TCPIP; operating system independent; web-based GUI, via Ethernet port; basic CLI configurator and operational utility with monitor, keyboard; Ethernet, RJ-45; SSH; easy-to-use tracing I/O commands, graphing in real-time bandwidth, and uncovering poorly performing drives in the RAID, plus error logs and status monitoring

Management interfaces

Embedded web server and management support — no host agent is needed; Ethernet

Event notification

Email, audible (buzzer), and visible (LEDs) alerts for bad drives and power supplies



Mechanical Specifications


100-240 VAC auto-ranging 50-60 Hz

Current (Maximum)

12 A @ 100 VAC; 4 A @ 200 VAC (current rating with two power cords)

Power supply

12 Bay - dual 920W, 100-240 VAC auto-ranging 50-60 Hz, dual hot swap and redundant with PFC, N+ design power consumption 24, 36 bay - dual 1000W high-efficiency

Power consumption

12 Bay - 275 Watts, 24, 36 Bay - 523 Watts

Operating temperature

Operational 10°- 35°C (non-operational -40° +70°C) Relative humidity maximum 90%

Chassis dimensions

12 Bay - Height 3.5” (89mm), Width 17.2” (437mm), Depth 25.5” (648mm)
24 Bay - Height 7” (178mm) Width 17.2” (437mm) Depth 26” (660mm)
36 Bay - Height 7” (178mm) Width 17.2” (437mm) Depth 27.5” (699mm)


12 Bay - gross weight (including carton) 77 lbs. (35 kg)
24, 36 Bay - gross weight (including carton): 121.5 lbs. (55 kg)

Storage and application platform for M&E workload





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